Chernivtsi, Ukraine - 4th March, 2022

Day 7 of war in Ukraine.

My husband and I move by means of wheelchairs. We live in western Ukraine. A week of our lives has been a horror that we could never have imagined, that could have happened in our beautiful, friendly and free country in the 21st century. We see what is going on in cities where bombs and rockets are being dropped, our friends who are also disabled are locked in cities where the enemy is dropping bombs on them and is acting like an animal. It is impossible to convey the pain that we feel, when we see the images of destruction of buildings, cities and villages; people, children are dying.

Almost twelve thousand refugees have arrived in our region. There are enormous ques at the border, where people with disabilities have to spend 3-4 days which is impossible. People with disabilities in our region are very scared and exhausted. They are worried that the medication, food and personal hygiene supplies that they need to live will disappear. Parents can’t calm their children. Especially children with disabilities that understand that something is happening, but can’t say anything because of their conditions. Air raid sirens scare them even more, because people that have impaired movement don’t have the opportunity to hide in a shelter. They have to stay home. Tens of people with disabilities from places where there is military activity call us to ask for help with relocation to a safer place, but the enemy does not allow anyone to move.

We are worried for our close ones and are afraid to talk to them, to not put them in harm’s way. We urge our overseas friends and partners – don’t stay silent, address the rulers of your countries to help with the evacuation of persons with disabilities from places that are actively being bombed, where it is unsafe for them. Some places are already left without network, food, water, and meds. We want to live in our free Ukrainian land! Have the right for life and freedom.