Riga, Latvia - March, 2022

Iryna has received support by SUSTENTO organization for the provision of assistive devices, health care, job search assistance, accessible transport services and different kind of consultations. The support was provided within the framework of EDF and CBM joint programme.
Iryna and her son lived in Sniatyn, a small town in the Ivano-Frankivsk region. The son’s refugee journey began at home, and Iryna had to coordinate his journey and get to Poland from Dubai, where she was when the war started. And then to go to Latvia with her son. Iryna is Ukrainian professional archer (a four-time Paralympian).

“There were explosions, warehouses about 40 kilometers from where we lived, and my son was at home alone. The coach suggested finding someone to take him to Poland. After all, my sixteen-year-old son, who has a disability (muscular dystrophy), took a train to Lviv, which is 300 kilometers from our home. I contacted the Authorized Government Official for the Rights of People with Disabilities which took him to Poland. When we met there, I didn’t know where we were going. I found out on the bus that we were going to Latvia”.

Iryna has started regular training at the archery sports club in Latvia. She is the owner of many medals in competitions in her homeland and abroad, including the Paralympic Games, and has already won a medal in Latvia, representing, of course, Ukraine. Iryna needs to think about far-reaching solutions to prepare for and participate in the next Paralympic Games. The son has made new friends and acquaintances, participates in youth activities in the church, and it would be great to finish the 9th grade at school this year.