Ukraine Weekly Updates

Ukraine Weekly Updates

July 14th, 2022

  • EDF has signed the joint statement promoted by Civil Society Europe that urges the European Union to guarantee a meaningful role for civil society in “RebuildUkraine”. The statement, supported by 137 civil society organisations across Europe, also asks for a reconstruction process that is based on the principles of sustainable development and contributes to the green transition of the country.
  • On July 13th, EDF has presented its Ukraine programme to the conference “Conversatorio ODS UE. Una Europa más fuerte en el mundo”, organized in Madrid by CERMI. Participants discussed the programmes and activities already in place in support of refugees with disabilities, and what the European Union can do to make its humanitarian response inclusive.
  • Our member and partner in the Ukraine programme, the National Assembly of People with Disabilities of Ukraine, has published a story that shows the hardships that Ukrainian children with disabilities are facing both in and outside Ukraine, and the importance of the support provided by civil society and the community. [Warning: the story’s language can be upsetting for sensitive audiences. Reader discretion is advised]

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