Youth committee

About the group

What is the Youth Committee?

In the context of the ratification of the United-Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN CRPD)
by the European Union (EU), we underline the importance of
mainstreaming disability in all areas concerning youth as there are
evidences that young persons with disabilities face higher levels of
discrimination and face additional barriers in most areas of society.

The Youth Committee is the voice of young people with disabilities
inside our organisation. The Committee ensures that EDF's work takes
into account the perspective of young people with disabilities but also
to represent young people with disabilities in both EDF and external

In order to ensure the place of young persons with disabilities in
EDF’s decisions and activities, the Chair of the Youth Committee is
co-opted to the EDF Board.

How is it organised?

The Youth Committee is composed by members, young people aged 18 to 35, representing all categories of disability.

It is supported by a focal point member of the Executive Committee and a substitute also member of the Executive Committee and a staff from EDF Secretariat

A group picture of the youth committee members with EDF director Catherine president, Yannis and Loredana from the secretariat

How does the Youth Committee work?

The Youth Committee follows a four years action plan. The current
plan concerns 2018-2021. The current plans includes a priority them for
each year:


Education and ERASMUS+ programme




Freedom of Movement


Housing and Independent Living

To implement the strategies, the Youth Committee holds annual
meetings, participates in relevant European conferences and events and
communicates regularly by email. The Youth Committee also provides
continued support to EDF with expert advice on mainstreaming the rights
of you