List Executive Committee National Councils

The Executive Committee is composed of 10 members and chaired by the President. There are 4 members with portofolios (2 Vice Presidents, one Secretary and  one Treasurer) and 6 members without portofolios, which 3 members come from National Councils and 3 from European NGO full members.

In this list we elect the 3 members without portfolio from National Councils

The mandate of the Committee is of four years, from 2022 to 2026.

Candidates With Portfolios

The Vice-President and the General Secretary will be elected via acclamation as for each of these two positions only once candidate has shown interest.

Candidates without prortfolios

Below are listed the candidates for the executive committee coming from National Councils full members. There are only 3 to be chosen. For each candidate you can find a link to the organisation nominating, the biography of the candidate and CV if available.