Green EDF Policy

As the world’s largest minority, persons with disabilities are very heavily impacted by the climate crisis. Considering that there are 1 billion people around the globe with disabilities, and over 100 million in Europe alone, our actions to combat the climate crisis will also have a huge impact.

EDF has been working on climate-related issues in recent years. This policy was developed by assessing the current situation, by discussing with our members and by trying to identify the key areas where EDF can have an impact.  The areas covered in our policy are in four broad, interrelated fields:

  • Advocacy: Building a greener, more accessible and inclusive future through inclusive climate action
  • Climate action within EDF: reducing our own impact on the environment
  • Research and evidence: studying the impact of the climate crisis on persons with disabilities and generating knowledge and best practice
  • Building a stronger, more sustainable disability movement

Download the Green Policy