Executive committee

About the group

Executive Committee members are individuals, who are permanent representatives of Board member organisations.

The Executive Committee is composed by the President, two Vice
presidents, a Treasurer, a Secretary and six members without portfolio.
One of the two Vice presidents will be a representative of a National
Council of disabled people and the other will be a representative from a
European NGO of disabled people. The Secretary and the Treasurer will
each come from a different full member category.

The Executive Committee is elected every four year, at the same time with the Board of Directors.


  • The daily management of the Association, closely supervising the work of the Secretariat;
  • The decisions on the representation of the Association on the occasion of external meetings and events;
  • The appointment of staff members of the Secretariat;
  • The assumption of the tasks of the Board in between meetings of the
    Board if exceptional circumstances and the urgency of the matter so
  • All other powers conferred to it by the General Assembly or Board,
    which will need to be officially registered in the minutes of these
    Governing bodies