Our Board

30 committed women and men with disabilities representing the membership stend for the rights of persons with disabilities in EDF and in a variety of events and actions to ensure the voice of persons with disabilities is heard.

EDF Board 2017-2022

Who are they?

The EDF board of Directors is composed of the president and 30 members coming from 16 National Councils and 14 European NGO of which 12 are full members and two ordinary members. The Board of Director is elected every four years.


The Board of Director is responsible for the supervision of the daily management of the organization and the work of the Secretariat including the drafting of the budget and accounts and the work programme, the external relations and the cooperation with third parties, the decision on membership applications and the exclusion of members. The Board elects the executive committee.

List of Members

By alphabetical order

John Patrick Clarke

John Patrick Clarke

EDF Vice President
European Down Syndrom Association (EDSA)